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Lithium ion batteries are mainly composed of positive electrode, negative electrode, non-aqueous electrolyte and diaphragm. At present, the lithium batteries widely used in the market are mainly lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries. The cathode raw materials of the two batteries are quite different, and the production process is relatively close, but the process parameters need to change greatly. If lithium iron phosphate is completely replaced with ternary materials, the rectification effect of the old production line is poor. For battery manufacturers, it is necessary to replace a large area of equipment on the production line.

Lithium battery manufacturing process: the first, middle and last three processes, accounting for nearly 35% / 30% / 35%

The production process of lithium battery is complex. The main production process mainly covers the stirring and coating stage of electrode production (front section), the winding and liquid injection stage of cell synthesis (middle section), and the packaging and testing stage of packaging (rear section). The value (purchase amount) accounts for about (35 ~ 40%): (30 ~ 35)%: (30 ~ 35)%. The difference mainly comes from different equipment suppliers and the difference of import / domestic proportion. The process flow is basically the same. There is a deviation in the proportion of value, but it is generally in line with this proportion.

Lithium battery equipment corresponding to the previous process of lithium battery production mainly includes vacuum mixer, coater, roller press, etc; The middle process mainly includes die-cutting machine, winding machine, laminating machine, liquid injection machine, etc; The latter process includes chemical forming machine, split volume detection equipment, process warehousing and logistics automation, etc. In addition, the production of battery packs also requires pack automation equipment.

Lithium battery front-end production process: electrode manufacturing is related to the core performance of the battery

The result of the front-end process of lithium battery is that the positive and negative electrode sheets of lithium battery are prepared. The first process is stirring, that is, after the positive and negative solid battery materials are mixed evenly, solvent is added and stirred into slurry through vacuum mixer. The mixing of ingredients is the basis of the subsequent process of lithium battery, and high-quality mixing is the basis for the high-quality completion of the subsequent coating and rolling process.

The coating and rolling process is followed by slitting, that is, the coating is treated by slitting process. If burr occurs during slitting, there will be potential safety hazards in subsequent assembly, electrolyte injection and other procedures, and even in the use of battery. Therefore, the front-end equipment in the lithium battery production process, such as mixer, coater, roller press and Slitter, is the core machine for battery manufacturing, which is related to the quality of the whole production line. Therefore, the value (amount) of the front-end equipment accounts for the highest proportion of the whole lithium battery automatic production line, about 35%.