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supercapacitor characteristics

(1) Extremely high charge discharge ratio

The super capacitor has high power density, can discharge hundreds to thousands of amps of current in a short time, has fast charging speed, and can complete the charging process in tens of seconds to minutes. Super capacitor buses and trams use this feature to complete charging in a short time and drive the vehicle forward.

(2) Long cycle life

The charge and discharge process loss of super capacitor is very small, so its cycle life is infinite in theory, more than 100000 times in practice, 10 ~ 100 times higher than that of battery.

(3) Good low temperature performance

Most of the charge transfer in the charge and discharge process of supercapacitor is carried out on the surface of electrode active material, so the capacity attenuation with temperature is very small, while the capacity attenuation range of lithium-ion battery is even as high as 70% at low temperature.

(4) Energy density too low

One of the bottlenecks in the application of supercapacitors is that the energy density is too low, which is only about 1 / 20 of that of lithium-ion batteries, about 10wh / kg. Therefore, it can not be used as the main power supply of electric vehicles, but mostly as auxiliary power supply, which is mainly used for quick start device and braking energy recovery device.

4 characteristics of aluminum air battery

(1) Low material cost and high energy density

The negative active material of aluminum air battery is rich in metal aluminum, which is cheap and environmentally friendly. The positive active material is oxygen in the air, and the positive capacity can be seen as infinite. Therefore, aluminum air battery has the advantages of light weight, small volume and long service life.

(2) Key technologies have not made breakthroughs and have not yet gone out of the laboratory

The polarization of air electrode and the deposition of aluminum hydroxide are important obstacles to the marketization of metal air battery. The improvement of the performance of aluminum air battery meets a great bottleneck. At present, it is still in the laboratory stage, and there is still a long way to go from commercial promotion.